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Ohio-South Farm Products Acquires Durango Artisan Foods
December 1, 2022

Ohio-South Farm Products LLC announced today that it has acquired the assets of Durango Artisan Foods, LLC including all the product lines, brands, and co-packing business. Based in Durango, Colorado, the Durango Artisan Foods products are sold to specialty foods wholesalers, grocery chains, independent markets and online direct to wholesalers and consumers.

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Ohio-South Farm Products Acquires Mendocino Mustard
August 8, 2022

Ohio-South Farm Products, LLC announced today that it has acquired the assets of Mendocino Foods, Inc., including the Mendocino Mustard product line and brand. Based in Fort Bragg, California, the Mendocino Mustard products are sold through national and regional specialty foods distributors, wholesalers, restaurant chains and online direct to consumers.

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