Ohio-South Partners with SKA Brewing to Distribute Products

December 15, 2023

Dear Ohio-South Farm Products Customers:

We are very pleased to announce that SKA Brewing’s distribution company (SKA Distribution) has entered into an agreement to distribute Ohio-South’s products to customers in the Durango area and greater Southwestern Colorado market. We encourage all customers within this region to utilize SKA Distribution’s services as there will be less cost to ship from Denver to Durango in bulk rather than receiving parcel packages and should translate into better delivered pricing to you.

We will begin shipments into the SKA warehouse later this month and will be able to commence deliveries in January. If you would like SKA Distribution to deliver our products to your stores, please contact:

Justin Crump – Director of Operations, SKA Brewing

For current customers of SKA Brewing, the transition should be very efficient since you are already in the SKA customer database. New customers will need to comply with SKA’s vendor setup procedures but assume this will not delay shipments. Ohio-South will continue to ship to you during the interim sign-up period. If you prefer to continue to receiving shipments directly from Ohio-South Farm Products, please let me know.

On behalf of everyone at Ohio-South Farm Products, we appreciate your past business and looking forward to SKA Distribution delivering our delicious Artisan made specialty food products to your stores. Please contact me at tom@ohio-south.com if you would like to discuss further or have any questions.

To download this press release, please click here: SKA Distribution Announcement

Tom & Leslie Gill

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