Roche Bros. Now Carrying Mendocino Mustard

May 17, 2024

Ohio-South Farm Products announced today that Roche Bros. with grocery stores located in the greater Massachusetts area is carrying Mendocino Mustard products and on store shelves now. The new additions to Roche Bros. specialty foods and condiments line include the original Mendocino Hot & Sweet Mustard along with newly introduced Mendocino Cherry Habanero flavor. Roche Bros. also carries the company’s popular Bear’s Breath Ketchup.

Tom Gill, Co-Founder at Ohio-South Farm Products commented, “We are excited for Roche to be the first major grocery chain in the New England region to begin stocking our Mendocino Mustard Hot & Sweet and Cherry Habanero products. The Mendocino Mustard spicy & sweet flavor profile offer the most unique and flavorful mustard products on the market today. Our Mendocino mustards are made with all natural ingredients and a perfect complement to any grilled dish, cold cut sandwich or with your favorite charcuterie tray”.

Since 1977, the “Original” Mendocino Mustard Hot & Sweet has been popular along the northern California coast and sold at most local markets and grocery chains. The product is also used by hundreds of restaurant Chefs including fast food sandwich chains to deli restaurants to fine dining establishments, the smooth and creamy texture is an added flavor enhancement to many of their favorite recipes. If your local store is not carrying our product just ask for More Mendo Please!

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